follow your heart book Phil Devitte

Our Life Experiences are Opportunities for Self Discovery

Our life experiences are our tests. They give us opportunities to discover who we are. Each experience leaves an impact or an impression on ourselves. From these experiences often times come our goals. As we travel down our life’s path we will experience and strengthen up most, and grow when we are in times of great suffering. This has been my experience. The thing about life is you never know what to expect. You can plan it to the 'bone', but that doesn't guarantee anything. Life can be so good to us "like winning the million-dollar lotto", or real tough, as when your best friend dies or in my case losing my legs. And you wonder how life can be so good, yet so terrible.

Our life’s experiences are ours. This is our life living and sharing with others. It is an adventure for us to learn and grow, no matter how tough it gets. By participating in our life and overcoming our challenges we are discovering ourselves and our strengths.

Speaking from my heart I know how tough it is living, I have had some pretty rough times. Some days I did not want to get up, but I did. I recognized that I have a choice in my life. I don't sometimes have a choice in what happens, but I have a choice in how I treat what happens in my life. By experiencing this event and living through it, I learned a great deal of who I was.

I heard and preached that if you have a goal and are willing to work for it, you will achieve anything. But I was kind of a hypocrite. What I was telling other people to do I had never experienced. Besides, I was never willing to work and believe in myself. That all changed when I was faced with an event in my life that seemed so unfair. My experience gave me a goal. Life seemed to be saying to me, "practice what you preach." It was saying you have the right idea and now it is your turn to prove it.