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Phil Wins Volunteer Award

Phil Devitte has been honored with Safeco Insurance's "Make More Happen Award" for his volunteer work advocating safety. Read more

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A Heroic Journey from Crippling Paralysis to Extraordinary Success

Anosmia100% of Book Sale Proceeds Donated to is a nonprofit organization devoted to finding a cure for Anosmia and Parosmia, afflictions that cause a person to lose their sense of smell and taste.

Phil, who has walked again after suffering paralysis, also lost his sense of smell and taste about 7 years ago. He says if he had to choose between the two he would rather be paralyzed than lose his sense of smell and taste!

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One moment Philip Devitte had everything a guy could dream of: A beautiful wife and family, a great career, a fancy car. The next moment his car suddenly spun out of control and with it his life. The doctors and nurses said he would never walk again. He refused to accept their doomsday’s predictions.

Adversity threw him a gauntlet and Philip chose to rise to the challenge and walk again. Time and again, he defied doctor’s expectations. Despite the misfortune that had befallen him, he was determined not to rest until he snatched success from the jaws of adversity.

He took the best Western medicine had to offer and supplemented his treatment with the best alternative medicine he could find: visualization, meditation, and prayer.

Follow Your Heart is the story of one man’s defiance of his fate and his heroic efforts to stand on his own two feet again. Philip shows how we can stand up in the face of adversity and still achieve extraordinary success.

Philip Devitte devotes considerable time these days advocating driver safety to young people. A former director of Think First in Palm Springs, he has given many motivational speeches to students in California and Washington about the dangers of unsafe driving habits, and the importance of believing in themselves even when the odds are against them.

"Philip Devitte’s Follow Your Heart will wind its way into your heart, destined to be remembered forever; his hard-won successful practices are destined to be referred to and benefitted from whenever the going gets tough for any of us."

– Francine Vale, author, Song of the Heart

I just finished reading Follow Your Heart, a very telling story. I love it! The wheelchair gift was the furthermost touching portion and confirmed my beliefs. I now need the next step -- Ralph's tape!!!! You should've included it with the book... a must-have (please).
You have made an immeasurable impression on my life more than what you can imagine, keeping the faith which is the utmost meaningful role of it all.

Thanks for sharing,

– Miguel Acosta

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